Pared down to essentials


They walked in groups of three or four. One was usually more beautiful than the others but they all displayed their legs and breasts equally; the long hot summer had arrived and beautiful or not they were young and their bodies were full of desire.

A Sultry Evening in July

At 11pm the air was heavy and hot. The Majas were out in force, displaying themselves to each other and passing excited glances at the men they hoped were watching them.

The Truce

This was painted before she decided to give up. It was yet another attempt to impress him. Look at the way she is looking into his eyes. She didn't really enjoy that walk at all - it was just like rubbing salt into all her wounds.

The Battle

All my life I have fought with this man and always lost. 

I want to give up, surrender, grow flowers and buy a beautiful embroidered cover for my bed. He can win. I admit it, I was wrong all this time and to lose is no loss.

Wearing thin

She looked at Adonis and wondered if after all this time she didn't find him rather annoying. He was such a boy and so wanting to please but at the same time be the centre of attention. His youthful beauty was enchanting at times but for her it was wearing thin...